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Height- 5ft

Build- petite

Eyes- blue

Hair- dark/multi-colored



Styles preferred- Goth, ALT, Horror, Dark, Lingerie




Alternative model, stage dancer, and wresteling valet. Married to BBE artist Ghozt Tha Dmented. Bella started modeling in her late teens appearing around many sites and MySpace pages as Megan Monoxide. She took a break from it to raise a family, and returned back in late 2017 as she Valeted for her husband in the indies wrestling scene as Bella MiAmore. As Brutal Business signed her husband they shortly signed her after, starting her back in modeling as Bella Rotten. Bella meaning Beautiful, and Rotten meaning suffering from decay. She performs on stage along with Lilly Sapphire and Painless Indenial as part of Ghozts Ghoulz Squad. 



Horror, gore, serial killers, reading, death and murder, documentary's, make up, animals. To name a few things.

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I’m just a small town girl that has always had a dream of being a model in the alternative scene. I’m a trained artist and photographer by trade. Art is woven into my soul and makes me crave to create everyday. I am a very compassionate person and an animal lover. I care about everything and I always care way to much, like really to much.


I’ve never thought of myself of anything special or felt like I belonged anywhere. One of my famous lines that I’ve told lots of people is “I am just me.” And that is the truth. I never try to be something I’m not or pretend. People usually love me or hate me it seems, I’m never a middle ground. I couldn’t even describe the middle to you if I tried. If anything this is all just in good fun and if it takes off that would be an amazing dream come true.


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Hiya, I'm Painless Indenial, the most bizarre 'lette you'll know. Any photoshoot I'm up for and creating artwork that provokes the mind. I always walk in with a mindset of how I'll kill it and it always pushes my passion further; I will always continue to bring you the best of my work.


Other than modeling, you can find me being in tact with nature, finding other artistry, and supporting the underground.

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BBE newest addition to the model side is Crazie Kitty. 

 Interests include but not limited to Video games, gothic attire, music, singing, Poetry, Larping, Cosplay, Anime, tattoos and piercings.

Keep your eyes out for new photoshoots and much more!


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Layla Paige is the newest addition to the Babes of Brutal Business. New to modeling but not new to the art of hustling, as she’s been an exotic dancer for years.


Layla has a big appreciation for music, and very much loves body modification and everything serial killers and horror movies. “If looks could kill” explains her best, but once past her tough exterior is a killer smile, charm and a girl with big dreams.