976 -Evil II: The Astral Factor(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

You have to love those sleazy slasher films that don't pretend to be anything other than that. 976 Evil 2: The Astral Factor is one of those type of films . It gives you an exact idea of what you are in the opening scene where a girl is running from the killer in a white t-shirt and panties, and she also isn't wearing a bra. Right out the gate you are subjected to this tantalizing scene in a movie that vaguely follows the events of the first movie.

The gist of the movie is about a phone number you dial that supposed to give you your horoscope(called horror-scope in these movies), however anyone who calls is actually reaching out to Satan. He uses the phone line as a way to possess people or grant them demonic powers. In this film his thrall Mr Grubeck is given the power of Astral projection, that he uses to kill people. It is up to rebel Spike and the killer's obsession Robin to try to pop a stop to him.

Definitely not a lot to write about here as most of the movie you will be checking your brain out, but there was one scene I thought was neat. Robin and a friend are watching a movie, and the friend wants to watch Night of the Living Dead while Robin wants to watch It's A Wonderful Life. So they keep switch between the two, and Robin goes to make popcorn. While she is gone, Mr Grubeck appears on the TV doing an infomercial speal, and transports her friend into a scene from A Wonderful Life. Everything is so happy and cheery, until the friend realizes that everyone is zombies. So she is stuck in this mash up between Night of the Living Dead and A Wonderful Life, and it's all done in black and white. I thought it was neat and innovative as you don't see too many movies who do that.

A scene that will make you groan is the scene below where Spike interacts with a woman who owns a shop full of magical items. He us trying to learn more about Astral projection so he can find a way to beat the killer. During this, they are flirting around and she says he reminds her of a young Freddy Krueger. He replies back that she reminds him of Elvira on steroids. Yeah, definitely groan worthy.

Definitely something to watch that doesn't require too much thought into. I will have to get around to reviewing the first movie which is a lot better and also was Robert Englund's directorial debut.

Till next time, stay safe and Happy Horrordays!! -Tha Thrilla-

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