A Christmas Horror Story(Review)(Happy Horrordays #2)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

This is one of those movies where you go in not expecting much from it, and it leaves you more than what you expected. A direct to video film, with a title that is a play on the title of the most popular Christmas movies of all time, it is something worth seeing, and should not be judged by what it looks on the surface

This is an anthology film, featuring four different story's that sort of interlink with each other. Did I also mention it has scenes of William Shatner interspersed within, who is more or less, our host of sorts of the tales within. He plays a radio DJ, and he eventually leads us to the payoff in the end.

The first of the four tales is about kids who investigate a local urban legend about a murder that took place in their high school, which use to be a convent. The second is about a family that tries to get the perfect Christmas tree, and trespass onto a land that contains a mystery they cannot understand. The third is about a family who visits their aunt who is hiding a dark secret. The fourth, and the main story, is about Santa who must defend his shop at the North Pole from an ancient evil.

What is compelling about the stories is they each serve to teach a lesson. The lesson to not go looking for trouble, not going where you don't belong, not keeping secrets from each other, and most importantly, to not less the stress of the holidays drive you crazy, literally. I wouldn't say the stories are particularly scary, but blood is spilled in each and every one of them. The Santa segment is especially of note as starts as something, and then goes in a direction you will not expect. You definitely will not see it coming, and it even brings more importance to the scenes with Shatner's character. They arent just throwaway scenes I will say that much.

This is a holiday horror I definitely recommend checking out, and even adding to your viewing list for the holidays. Even with it being low budget and unassuming, there is definitely more beneath the surface, and you may find yourself enjoying it more than you expect. The Santa segment is the most enjoyable of the bunch, especially with the twist at the end.

If you seen A Christmas Horror Story, what are your thoughts? Do you enjoy holiday anthologies such as this one? Did you see the twist coming? Feel free to weigh in below!!!

Till next time, Happy Horrordays!!! -Tha Thrilla-

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