A Quiet Place(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

An unique horror film with the fact there is almost a complete lack of sound or music throughout. Yet it works. The premise is a family is one of the survivors in a world that has been invaded by creatures that hunt primarily by sound. One night, the creatures come to invade their home and they must fight with everything they have if they hope to survive the night.

So one of the family members is a daughter who is deaf, and what is really cool is she is played by a deaf actor. Throughout everyone talks in sign language and through whispers. There are subtitles so you can understand the sign language bits. It gets so quiet that when a sound is made, it literally startles you. Especially with the dread of knowing the creatures will be showing up soon. The creatures in themselves are nasty little critters, and are shown to be nearly impossible to kill. We don't know if they come from space or another dimension, but they came prepared to wipe out humanity. And pretty much nearly succeeded.

Once the tension starts, it never lets up through out the movie. It centers around the family, showing you their daily life, and start to empathize with them. You wonder how the pregnant mom will safely deliver her baby without making a sound and drawing the creatures to her. How will the father be able to defend his family successfully? It will keep you glued to the screen to the very end, gripping the edge of your seat

I highly recommend seeing this movie if you haven't already. It is even getting a sequel which is coming out this month, so it will be cool to see a continuation of this universe. It is a definite film to add to your collection. And if you seen A Quiet Place, feel free to add your thoughts below

Till next time, stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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