Anna and the Apocalypse(Review)(Happy Horrordays #1)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

It's the most darkest time of year!!! Where we deck the halls with blood and brains!! You better be good for goodness sake because if you are naughty, Santa won't be bringing you a lump of coal, oh no. More likely his brother Krampus will be paying you a visit. And that won't be a merry time

So we start off with this interesting entry known as Anna and the Apocalypse. Couple of things to note, firstly, this is a Christmas movie. Secondly, this is a musical. But don't let those let you think the movie is all cutesy, as it does not skimp on the gore. As the people are singing, body parts are being hacked off, blood is spraying, and people are being to torn apart, and it is great!!

The premise is about the eponymous Anna, who seeks to escape high school, and move onto a better life. However before that can happen, the zombie apocalypse hits. Soon she and her friends are literally fighting to escape the school with their lives. There is also a bastard of a principle who is letting power go to his head they have to contend with as well. It all blends wonderfully together as it nears its emotional finale. This is a horror movie that has a sad ending, so bring the tissues.

You may also need said tissues to wipe the vomit from your mouth as I mentioned this movie has a good bit of gory scenes as well as some gross out moments. It surprised just how bloody this movie actually was. It struck as being over the top which it seemed like that what the movie was going for. There was a bit of silly, lighthearted feeling through out, which I think made the movie better.

I could see this being a cult classic, especially with the fact of it being a Christmas musical with zombies. I definitely recommend checking it out as you may strangely finding yourself enjoying just as much as I did. You may even hum along to some of the songs as well.

Have you seen Anna and the Apocalypse? If so, what were your thoughts? Should we have more horror musicals like this one? Feel free to weigh in below!!

Till next time, Happy Horrordays!! -Tha Thrilla-

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