Annabelle Creation(2017)[Weirdo Wednesday]

I really don't need to explain what the Conjuring Universe is at this point in time. I also don't need to explain who Annabelle is. But what I would like to quickly cover is this pre/sequel that flew under everyone's radar.

The first Annabelle was awful - I'll say it for all of us. It was boring, uninspired, and only had a single sequence with any real tension or fear (which was also the only scene directed by James Wan). But for this sequel/prequel they tapped newly discovered director David F. Sandbergh (Lights Out, Shazam) to direct a new vision.

Our story begins with a few moments showing a doll maker and his family, being his daughter Annabelle and his wife. One afternoon on the way home from church Annabelle runs in front of a truck and is killed on impact. We fast forward to, I believe, 10 years later and we meet a group of orphaned girls who are moving into this old house because the doll maker and his wife are opening it up for new life. Our girls are typical young girls but our main character is a girl named Janice who is stricken with Polio who has difficulty walking around the massive house. There is a single room in the house that is locked and no one is allowed in - which we find out to be Annabelle's bedroom. But of course, Janice finds it unlocked one evening and finds a hidden closet. Inside is the Annabelle doll that has bible pages glued to the walls surrounding it.

The movie itself is actually pretty terrifying. David did a great job conjuring up (haha, see what I did there?) some effective scares and a dreadful atmosphere. The spirit haunting the doll proves to be a force to be reckoned with - killing a few characters (one in a very bloody fashion) and even leaving us with a bittersweet-not-so-happy ending which transitions into the opening scene of the original Annabelle movie.

If you wrote this movie off because of how awful the original was, I don't blame you. But this one is effective at what its doing and is a whole lot of fun. If you're bored one evening then this film may do a fine job at entertaining and frightening you.


'Annabelle: Creation' is currently streaming on HBO Max and Hulu Premium.

'Til Next Time, Mike Cleopatra

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