Bear McCreary - "Rest Stop" OST Review

Bear McCreary has become one of my favorite composers in such a short window of time. He has a strange way to perfectly imitate the atmosphere that you, as a viewer, can see through the film and give you a near-perfect representation solely through audio.

In my opinion, Bear’s soundtrack on the 2006 film “Rest Stop” is a perfect embodiment. The film relies on a sense of isolation and misery and it finds the perfect beat to make the listener feel scared and hopeless. But within the same breath he is able to make music that makes you cry and feel pure comfort through small glimpses of what feels like a auditory memory. His track “Nicole’s Private Demon” is my favorite off the album because it makes me feel a certain melancholic way.

This album has its hard hitting intensity numbers and its sweet ambient pieces. It’s a great soundtrack from a new composer who we would only get to hear more from as time progressed.

In my opinion the soundtrack is stronger than the film is itself.

Til Next Time, Mike Cleopatra

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