Better Watch Out(Review)(Happy Horrordays #5)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

The Horrordays are officially upon us, and we will have another month long celebration of the seasonal horror movies to bring some chills into your home.

So we start off with Better Watch Out, a grim Christmas movie that really says much about the human psyche. The film is about a teen babysitter who is watching a young boy, and find themselves victims of what seems to be a home invasion. But as the night goes on, there is something more going on that is more than what meets the eye.

One of the things the drew my interest to this movie was a reference to Home Alone which shhh don't tell anyone, but it is a guilty pleasure of mine. Heck if you think about it, it almost qualifies as a horror movie with how sadistic Kevin is toward the robbers. Anyway, there is a scene in Better Watch Out that referenced the paint can scene from Home Alone, except here, it is much gorier. Also another reference that dawned on me, and what really made me interested more, is there is scene in here dealing with a spider. The babysitter is accosted by a ferocious spider and wants the boy to kill it. He doesn't kill it, saying it never harmed anyone, and rescues it instead. He releases it outside but I said in my head the spider would be back. And it does feature in a later scene.

I think really what sticks about this movie is how evil can appear in any form. You really can't prepare for it, especially when you think you are dealing with one thing, and you end up dealing with something else entirely. This poor babysitter is really facing something out of her league, but she shows her final girl potential. Especially when things really go off the rails later in the movie. That's another thing this movie makes you evil born? Or is it a product of one's environment. All I can is there are definitely aspects of this movie that shocked me. Though the ending was a tad predictable.

So if you are looking for something that is darker during the holidays, definitely check this out. Something that I will be adding to my yearly Christmas horror list, and I feel you will too once you see it. If you have already seen Better Watch Out, feel free to leave your thoughts below!!

Till next time, stay safe and Happy Horrordays!! -Tha Thrilla-

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