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Blade II Soundtrack Review[Musical Monday]

Updated: Jun 24

Today, we talk about the Blade II soundtrack, which is a soundtrack that does something a bit different than other soundtracks. Taking inspiration from the Spawn soundtrack which blended rock artists with electronica artists, the Blade II soundtrack blends rap artists with electronica. And it actually works really well. Very fun to listen and dance to in my opinion. Something I always loved about the music industry is when it proves there really is no divide as far as music is concerned. All music unites everywhere, and it is definitely proven here. I definitely recommend giving this a listen to if you haven't by now

Some of the standouts for me is "I Against I", "Right Here, Right Now", "The Child of the Wild West", "PHDream", and "Getting Aggressive"

Till next time, stay safe and stay scared!!

Auther: -Tha Thrilla-

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