Body Melt(Review)(Splattery September #4)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

In my long time of being a horror fan, you stumble on those movies that are the cream of the crop. Horror movies that are so bizarre you question your own sanity when watching them. I definitely found some very strange horror films...or maybe they find me...I haven't figured out which. But I do know it definitely gets a reaction of what the heck am I even watching?!

Body Melt is one of those films. The movie is about a small town of Pebbles Court who find themselves unwilling guinea pig of a new vitamin pill. Of course, this pill has side effects, causing unnatural transformations in the unsuspecting victims. I won't mince words, this movie is gross as hell.

But it is also very wacky and out there as well. Nevermind the soundtrack that sounds like it belongs in a nightclub. There are scenes that have you reacting like what in the heck is even happening. For example, there are scenes featuring a deformed family living in the farm. It is so out of place you would think it has no connection at all to what is going on with the citizens of Pebbles Court. But it comes to a point there is a connection after all. There is also a scene with a pregnant lady. I learned my lesson from another movie called The Void, if a woman is pregnant in a body horror film, something messed up is about to happen. And oh boy, it does.

I seen my share of ridiculous horror films, and this isn't even the most ridiculous one I seen. Oh no, that honor goes to a film I will be featuring in my feature for next week. As far as this film...if you can stomach bodily fluids, gross mutations, and just plain out splattery fun, then this is worth checking out. I believe it falls under the genre known as splatstick, something that is gory yet funny at the same time. Which yeah, this movie definitely qualifies.

Till next time, stay safe and stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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