Brightburn(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

It is hard to deny the draw that comic book based movies are getting. Marvel is an unstoppable juggernaut, and even DC is starting to come into its own. Everyone has taken notice, to the point it is guaranteed if it has something to do with superheroes, it is instantly going to be a hit. Look at the recently released The Boys on Amazon Prime which is a look at what would happen if the heroes we look up to become self centered power hungry jerks.

So it is no surprise that Brightburn came along with a different concept..what if a superhero came to earth to do evil instead of good? Essentially it is reminiscent of the origin of Superman except if Superman chose to be a monster. The premise of the movie is a couple who are struggling to have kids decide to adopt a baby who crash landed to earth. It almost reminds me of The Omen which featured a couple who adopted the child of Satan.

When the carnage begins to ensue, it really shows the despair of the mother who even when she realizes the evilness of the child she took in, she still wants to see the good in him. To her, he is still her son.

If you expect this movie to have a happy ending, I am here to tell you that you are looking at the wrong movie. And as is the tradition of most comic book movies, it even has post credits that lead the door open for more movies which in a sense set up an universe of other horror related super hero movies. I wont spoil exactly how, but it is worth watching for the payoff alone

I definitely recommend watching Brightburn, especially for those who are into the comic book franchises. This was produced by James Gunn, who was responsible for the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise and Slither. So if you like his movies, you will really love this one

Til next time, stay scared!!! -Tha Thrilla-

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