Children of the Corn(1984)(Review)[Weirdo Wednesday]

I feel like everyone's aware of this story by now. A group of religious zealot children eliminate their parents and take over a small town. And one day a few weeks later, a couple roll into town trying to find medical attention. It's a super simple premise based on a short story by Stephen King.

The film would soon spawn a series with almost a dozen sequels and two different reboots (with one supposedly coming out soon), and most of them are pretty forgetful.

But the original has a charm about it. It's directed well, acted well, and the soundtrack is rather terrifying.

If you haven't seen this in a while, I recommend revisiting it. If you have NOT seen it, then here's your reminder that it exists. It's a lot of fun and it gives weird nostalgia to see the stalks and hear the infamous, "OUTLANDER!"


"Children of the Corn" is now streaming on Tubi, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

'Til Next Time, Mike Cleopatra

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