Chopping Mall(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

This movie was originally going to be called Killbots before it was decided to be called Chopping Mall. Bit of a misnomer as the movie, which is about killer robots who are hunting teens who get stuck in a mall overnight, has less to do about chopping as the robots use other tactics in their kills. Mainly lasers.

Though it's not really known the effectiveness of said lasers as some just bounce off of people, some are killshots, and others straight up explode people's heads. So it's a bit inconsistent on that part. There is a memorable scene, minor spoiler, that features the late Dick Miller who plays a janitor. He is mopping up a spill, and one of the killbots bumps into his mop bucket, spilling it. He berates the robot who doesn't take kindly to his insults. So it responds by shooting a wire into the spilled water around him, which electrocutes him. It promptly leaves as it tells his corpse to have a nice day

Yeah, get use to that, as even though these robots are killers, they are polite about it. Each of their victims are told to have a nice day after they are murdered. That's okay because in the end, their catchphrase is thrown back to them when they are finally dispatched

This is film that is fun to watch. It is full of that 80's slasher cheesyness and tropes, and something I enjoyed watching. Definitely give it a watch...and have a nice day!!

Till next time, stay safe and stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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