Clownado(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

So attempting to follow on the success or lack there of with the Sharknado movies, which used bad acting and cheesy effects on purpose, we are given Clownado. Except what worked for Sharknado does not produce the same effect for this movie. This is as low budget as low budget get. It is my rightful duty that no one watch this schlock, not even if you are bored with nothing else to watch. My brain cells needed defibrillator just to start working again after this

Oh god the acting in this movie...I can't even really describe it. The main clown named Ronnie acts like he is playing a cheap knock off of The Joker. And the effects in this movie along with silly music are just hilarious. Like everytime someone is getting killed, all you see is blood flowing by the gallon and they keep making this squelching noise the whole time, and it is just so over the top

There are those low budget movies that manage to become classics despite how bad they are, but this is not one of those movies. Stay far far away from this.

Till next time, stay scared -Tha Thrilla-

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