Come to Daddy(2020)(Review)[Weirdo Wednesday]

Elijah Wood plays a man named Norval who receives a letter from his absent father. His dad had left him and his mother when he was 5, and now 30 years later, he is off to visit him. This film by Ant Timpson is a strange ride.

It starts off atypical: his dad is a dick and they don’t get along. Norval tries to lie to be impressive, to which his dad lies back and simultaneously calls him out on his fibs. An aggressive tension grows and the awkward tension blossoms.

And then the film goes in very obscure directions. And to be honest, any real digression from here would be spoiler territory.

The film has a fair amount of bloody violence that starts near the 2nd act. We meet some new characters who are equally as strange, we find out why his dad invited him out there, and we also learn about the history of his mother. Some things may be easy to guess, but there is an awful lot to unpack on here that I admittedly didn’t see coming. The dialogue is silly but believable, the music is energetic and fun, and Elijah’s haircut is interesting to say the least.

It’s a strange film about goofy characters who get stuck in whacky situations, complete with bonkers dialogue and outrageous violence. Whew, I think I covered everything there.

It’s fun, but I’m not in a rush to return.


Til Next Time, Mike Cleopatra

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