Crawl(2019)[Weirdo Wednesday]

French director Alexandre Aja has made many visceral horror films over the years. His breakout hit High Tension was a throwback to the “dare-you-to-look” style of violence, and then he achieved mainstream status in the U.S. with his remake of Wes Craven’s The Hills Have Eyes. I would argue that most of the films in his catalog are quite wonderful in one way or another (except for his remake of Piranha, which I personally couldn’t stand), and his newest offering is no different.

Crawl has a remarkably simple premise: when a category-5 hurricane hits Florida, professional swimmer Haley rushes to her father’s house to check up on him when he doesn’t answer either her or her sister’s calls. Upon arriving she finds him unconscious in a crawlspace under the house. As she rushes to get him to safety and avoid the flooding waters, there is also a massive alligator claiming the area for its own.

There’s not much to say because so much of this film takes place in one location with a limited number of characters entering in and out. I really loved this film though, it was one that I watched and immediately wanted to revisit. It’s scary, it’s intense, and honestly a bit surprising. He does the “thrown chair” approach where he lets you believe you know what’s going to happen, only to have something much worse occur. I often had to tell myself to breathe because I got so involved with the story (and I personally have a bit of a hydrophobia myself).

I would certainly recommend this film. I let my father borrow my copy and he said the same thing. It is a horror film that covers the grounds of intense action, drama, and contains some of the most impressive CGI I’ve seen since the newest Jurassic World offerings.

Crawl is available on digital, Blu-ray, and DVD now.


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