Creepshow Season 2(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday}

Since I reviewed the first season of Creepshow, I thought it would be appropriate to review the second season as well. As a whole, I thought this season was an improvement upon what they did with the first season. This was short and sweet, and had a lot of star power, featuring the likes of Ashley Lawrence, Barbara Crampton, Molly Ringwald, and Ali Larter.

Repeating from the first season, once again this season had a solid start with the first episode with the first segment being a love letter to the classic Universal Monster films, and the second segment featuring what it would be like if Bob Ross crossed over with Evil Dead. That segment hands down was my absolute favorite of the entire season due to my love for everything Evil Dead. The second episode was pretty meh for me, nothing too exciting on that one. Third episode righted the ship again, featuring aliens in the first segment, and the second segment reminding of an after-school special from hell.

The fourth episode was impressive with one segment featuring a plumber dealing with a heck of a cog, and the second segment, which is my second favorite, featuring Lovecraftian madness. My love for H.P Lovecraft is palpable so needless to say, I was loving this segment. The season finale ended with a tribute to Night of The Living Dead, which I thought was okay.

If you love the Creepshow series, or just anthology horrors in general, then you definitely will find a lot to love in the second season. I was definitely recognizing a repeating theme this season where it was trying to pay tribute to what came before, and I thought that was pretty impressive. We are due to be getting a third season for Halloween of 2021, so be interesting to see how that turns out. Let me know what you all thought of the second season in the comments below!

Till next time, stay safe and stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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