Crimson Peak(2014)(Review)[Weirdo Wednesday]

Director Guillermo Del Toro was given a large budget to create a classically gothic, haunted house film. Using his trademark color schemes, wardrobes, monsters, and eccentric characters, he is able to provide a fun experience.

We are taken on a journey as a young, rich woman is approached and entranced by a man who has been designing a large drill to collect clay from the mines beneath his house. Her father initially denies the man an investment loan, but then the father tragically dies and the young woman falls in love.

Fast forward to a short time into the future and they become married and move into his mansion on the clay hills with his sister. And as she goes through her days, she is visited by 4 different ghosts – all of whom seem to be giving her warnings.

This film wasn’t bad by any means, but I found it rather predictable. It was easy to forecast what was going to happen, but it was still fun to get there. And the mansion itself and the cinematography of this film was beautiful. The ghost designs are very scary, actually, but we don’t get an awful lot of them. For every good thing I can say about this, there’s a bad thing to counter it.

It’s a sweet movie, but it doesn’t offer much originality in a world full of haunted house films. It’s low on scares, but high on the visual schemes.

3/5 ‘Til Next Time, Mike Cleopatra

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