Dark Skies (Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

This is a movie that took me by surprise as to just how good it was. I went into it thinking oh this is just going another stupid alien abduction movie, but it definitely was not. It had more to offer in a sense as to what this movie does is make the terror real. As in everything that the family goes through, you actually feel for them. You are scared for them. And that's where the movie succeeds. The premise is about a family that starts experiencing strange and inexplicable events, and as the events escalate more and more, they learn they have to draw upon their love to unite and protect themselves from otherworldly threats. So yes this is a horror movie about alien abductions, but it really does a good job of putting you into the shoes of the family. You get to know them. By the time things start happening, you can feel their terror and confusion. Oh and even though it tries to get one over you, it gives you clues so by the time it happens, you know exactly who will end up being abducted. This movie is a nail biter for sure once things start happening and you will be on the edge of your seat to the very end. I definitely recommend checking it out if you haven't seen it. It is currently available to watch for free on Tubi, which is streaming service that is completely free, you don't have to sign up for it. There is a lot of great content on there, and yes it is ad supported but that is just a minor inconvenience in my eyes. If you have seen Dark Skies, feel free to leave your thoughts below! Till next time, stay safe and stay scared!! Auther: -Tha Thrilla-

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