David Shire - "Monkey Shines" OST Review

This week I’d like to highlight a score that nobody ever talks about. The film “Monkey Shines” is one of my favorite George Romero films and the music is partially to blame for that. David Shire is the composer, and he has also composed scores for Zodiac, Return to Oz, and The Care Bears Movie. His themes throughout the piece bounce from chaotic orchestra, to repressed and beautiful strings with piano.

His music serves as a very great partner with the moody atmosphere this film establishes. This is important because this is not your regular horror film that relies on heavy jump scares or extreme amounts of violence. In fact, it’s rather tame for an 80’s horror film. It’s one that’s meant to worm its way into your mind and make you take a good look at a very difficult situation for everyone involved.

The music does not get much acknowledgment in the credits, and it’s almost impossible to find online (except for a CD that still goes for $20-$30 on Amazon), but the little bits you can find on YouTube are spectacular.

David Shire has mostly contributed his musical talent to television series, so his work is out there, but that helps make the collaboration with him and horror legend Romero that much more magical.

'Til Next Time, Mike Cleopatra

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