Dead Heat(Review)[Twisted Terrible Thursday]

Today we spotlight the movie Dead Heat, and oh boy, this film...this film right here, it is definitely something else folks. So let's dive right in shall we?

The movie is about two cops, Roger Mortis and Doug Bigelow are called to the scene of a jewelry heist. A shootout ensues,and even though the robbers are shot with multiple bullets, they don't die. Mortis takes matters into his own hands by shooting a grenade out of one robbers hands, causing him to blow up. "Uh Oh", the dofus exclaims right before the grenade explodes. Uh oh indeed. Mortis takes out the other robber by smashing him with his car. The day is saved!!

Back at the police station, they both get chewed out, and are after, they are called to go to the morgue as there are some unusual findings on both of the robbers. Essentially the robbers have already died once already, meaning the guys who attempted to pull off the jewelry heist were zombies. On top of that, there are traces of preservative compound that a company has recently ordered a large quantity of. Very interesting. So they go to the company to see what's up. They meet an attractive public relations lady while they are there, and as she is showing them around, Doug Bigelow sneaks off to discover a suspicious room containing a mysterious machine. He is then attacked by a huge zombie biker guy. As they battle it out, Mortis is accidentally knocked into a decompression room and gets locked in. A computer activates and he suffocated from lack of air. No surprise with a name like that, the man is dead.

Bigelow and the PR girl look more into the mysterious machine he discovered and find that it is capable of reanimating the dead. So they use it to bring Mortis back, but he comes back as a zombie. However he is a zombie with a life sentence. Unless he can find a way to reverse his condition in 12 hours, he will melt into goo. Mortis decides he needs to track down the person responsible for his death. They head to the PR girls house and while they are there, they are attacked by two more undead guys. Seems someone wants the PR girl dead. After dispatching the zombies in creative ways, the girl reveals she is the daughter of the owner of the company they were investigating. They force her to come with them as they investigate more as to who the preservative is being sold too. It leads them to a butcher shop in China Town.

They press the owner of the butcher shop to reveal his client but instead he reveals he has a similar version of the resurrection machine. He activates it and our heroes are left to battle against the reanimated corpses of all the dead animals. The whole sequence is silly, especially when the reanimated body of a headless bull gets into the fray. They shoot the machine to turn it off, and survive with their lives intact.

Mortis and PR girl pay a visit to the tomb of the owner of the company, and she changes her story to say she is not the daughter, she is the owner's protégé. While there, they discover a secret code. They go back to the PR girls house to discover Mortis' partner was killed, being suspended upside down and drowned in a fish tank. It is while thet are there that PR girl reveals that she lied again. She is neither the owner's daughter or protege, she was in fact one of his first test subjects of the resurrection machine. They promised her extended life is she cooperated with them, but that was a lie. Mortis watches in disgust, as well as we do, as she dissolves into goo.

After this, Mortis discovers the code has a meaning, and he deciphers it, which leads him to the head coroner. He confronts him, the coroner buys time by playing dumb until his goons arrive to capture Mortis. They lock him into an ambulance, figuring as he is close to his 12 hour window, he will dissolve and that would end his meddling. Instead he manages to escape by causing the ambulance to shift into gear, and crashing into head on traffic. Must be a very flammable ambulance as it explodes into a huge fireball. But somehow, he survives all this. He emerges from the wreckage a bit charred and more zombified

Meanwhile, in a twist, it ends up the owner of the company is not dead, he is undead. He holds a meeting with some very rich clients to demonstrate his machine along with the head coroner. Mortis crashes the party, killing everyone except the owner and coroner. They reveal the latest test subject of the machine which is Mortis's former partner Bigelow. He is resurrected, and being brain damaged, he is easily controlled into killing Mortis. However he is able to get his partner to snap out of it. The coroner kills himself to escape justice, but big mistake as they just resurrect him. But then they get the bright idea to see what happens if you use the machine on someone whose already been resurrected. You know what happens? They explode. They then decide to shut down the machine for good by shooting it into pieces, despite the pleas of the owner to not destroy it. He is left to live however. The movie ends with them both leaving to ride off into the sunset

What a has cheesy dialog, some bad acting, and a ton of bullets just flying everywhere. There is a scene where Mortis and a guy are walking towards each other just endlessly shooting bullets at each other. Must of had infinite bullets. I will note that Vincent Price plays the part of the owner of the company. He may be the only saving grace of the movie, aside from the guy who plays Doug Bigelow, as he was very entertaining as well. Yeah, if you want to, give this one a watch. B horror at its best.

Till next time, stay safe and stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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