Dead Snow(2009)(Review)[Foreign Friday]

The zombie genre has been rather played out by this point. There’s a specific style, philosophy, and approach to the gore that varies though depending on the times and locations. In 2009, right before zombies became a watered-down subgenre, we were gifted with “Dead Snow.”

“Dead Snow” is a Norwegian horror-comedy about a group of medical students who take a ski vacation to a cabin that’s a mile away from the nearest road and are met with the unimaginable menace of: Nazi Zombies. Now, besides Call of Duty, Nazi Zombies were rather unheard of. So for being 11 years old, this film ran with a rather silly idea before it was considered meta or overplayed.

The film itself is a pretty fun time. The violence is visceral and the bloodshed is plenty – which is amplified by the setting covered in snow. Our characters are pretty lackluster, but that’s okay. They’re all fodder for the enemies anyway. But the film does have a few curveballs to throw, such as the zombies being ultra strong, uber fast, and with the ability to outnumber the people we follow up to the cabin.

Being how far along we are now with the zombie zeitgeist, this film perhaps might feel a little too dated. There isn’t any serious resonance for connecting with any of our characters & the location is a bit minimal. But the gore is serious and they don’t hold back on what you can see.

If you’re interested in some earlier zombie films that hold their own, then this should be on your list. But if you’re looking to reinvent the wheel with zombies, keep on looking.

“Dead Snow” is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.


Tune in for our next Foreign Friday where I will be tackling the sequel, Dead Snow 2: Red VS. Dead. Does it have the ability to surpass the original AND give us something exciting to talk about? Find out next time.

‘Til Next Time, Mike Cleopatra

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