Doctor Sleep(2019)(Review)[Weirdo Wednesday]

Doctor Sleep is a film based on the novel by Stephen King, which serves as a sequel to The Shining. Danny Torrance has grown older and has become his father – an alcoholic whose falling out of touch with his kinetic abilities. Little does he know though that there is a group of people who also have a form of the Shining, who are actively on the hunt for others with it in hopes of either converting them to join their cult (called The True Knot), or to absorb their life’s essence to live forever. This absorption doesn’t bring on a premise of true immortality, but more so a sense of never aging – like a vampire.

Elsewhere in the country, there is one little girl named Abra who is just tapping into her Shine, but her power is immaculate and quickly draws the attention of both the cult and Danny. From here on we watch a quest as Danny attempts to rescue Abra, stop The True Knot cult, and exorcise the demons he’s locked away in his own subconscious.

The film is a lot of fun. It has a very strong opening (which legitimately creeped me out), and it takes its time to cover a lot of ground. Director Mike Flanagan had tasked himself with finding a way to properly please fans of King’s books as well as Kubrick’s classic version of the film (which is notoriously hated by Stephen King himself, saying it didn’t serve the true story and stood as its own piece.) Arguments aside, the director has certainly found a way to please everyone as well as bridge the gaps for modern audiences.

The film is a bit lengthy (being a little over 2 hours regularly and almost 3 hours for the directors cut), and at times it can get a little dull when there’s a lot of story needing to be explored, but overall this serves as a very promising and faithful piece for its purposes.

If you’ve been thinking of checking this out, I highly recommend you do. But if you aren’t entirely sold (or if you weren’t a fan of The Shining through either iterations) then you might find this to be a bit dry. For what it’s worth, I enjoyed it. Although I admittedly began nodding off towards the end.


'Til Next Time, Mike Cleopatra

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