Dracula(1931)(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

So I decided to try something new with the Thursday format, to make it more concentrated on reviews of things of the past, while Tuesday will be more concentrated on newer stuff.

So with that being said, I wanted to take a look at the original Dracula film released in 1931. It was based on the titular novel written by Bram Stoker, which was about a vampire named Dracula who decided to movie to England, and spread his empire of evil there. You could say both the novel and movie helped popularize the vampire myth of them being killed by sunlight, decapitation or by a stake in the heart. This also helped popularize the ideal of the romantic vampire that woman who swoon over. In reality, or what at least in accounts of vampires at the time, they were ugly monstrous creatures who fed on blood, inspired partially by bats who did feed on blood, and also by the idea of people who were mistakenly buried alive, only to arise from the grave, pale as can be, but otherwise in perfect health.

Dracula was the result of making vampires more palatable, portrayed as a dark brooding handsome man, which made it easier for women to fall under his spell. He even had three vampire brides, who were very beautiful, yet just as deadly as their master. Dracula had the ability of mind control, to make people obey him. A lot of the vampire films that followed, and even the ones today, owe much debt to Dracula.

Bela Legosi was the perfect man to portray the nefarious vampire, and he became so famous for the role, that he was buried in Dracula's cape. He was menacing to the point he did not need words....he could just stare, and that was enough to make anyone succumb to his power.

It is hard to deny how influential the original film is. It was reimagined in 1992 as Bram Stoker's Dracula, with Gary Oldman playing Dracula, and that film is really fantastic. In fact, it is my favorite vampire film of all time. I can say if it wasn't for the original film, we would not have had our Buffy's, Edwards, or any of the like. The movie, well more so the novel, has had great influence on me, and still holds a special place in my heart to this day.

Till next time, stay scared!!! -Tha Thrilla-

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