Eaten Alive(1976)[Weirdo Wednesday]

Director Tobe Hooper had shaken the entire world with his debut feature, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. So a few years later he had to take a stab at his follow-up picture, Eaten Alive. Safe to say, the bar was set rather high for this young director.

And truth be told, it’s unfair to hold this film to that standard. Eaten Alive is a rather bonkers film about a disgruntled hotel owner who (without real rhyme or reason) decides to kill some of his patrons, and also decides to feed a few to his pet crocodile. He runs around the hotel with a large scythe and has no real warning to going off – it’s almost as if we are watching the day that a redneck employee simply snapped. The entire idea is as outrageous as the film itself, but this film has a lot of energy. And it certainly has a lot of fun.

It has its sleazy moments, including an outrageous performance by a young Robert Englund, but the film is honestly - for lack of a better term - an experience. I enjoyed myself all the way through although there were moments where I had to tell myself to not react so much. Again, even though this is a film by a young Tobe Hooper, it is not in a comparable league with TCM or even The Funhouse; this film exists and should be judged by its own merit. It’s certainly not for everyone, and unless you’re watching the Blu-Ray release, the film itself looks like shit. But for those who can ignore the obviously outrageous parts and can just enjoy the film for the sake of its existence, then you will be treated to a great big serving of hyper-energetic cheese.

I can’t necessarily recommend this unless it’s exactly the style you’re looking for, but I am happy to add it to my collection.


'Til Next Time, Mike Cleopatra

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