Eminem - Music To Be Murdered By(Review)[Musical Monday]

By this point, everyone is aware of who Eminem is. So you don’t need me to bring you up to pace on that. But what I can do for you is shed some light on his most recent album “Music to Be Murdered By” which he surprise-released back in January.

What most people don’t know is that “Music to Be Murdered By” was a real album made by the notorious Alfred Hitchcock. It was a spoken-word album released in 1958, and the album cover was very similar to what Eminem presented with his.

So the main difference would simply be the content, but one could easily argue that Eminem is of-himself a horror story. His music certainly went to dark places (naming “Kim” and “3 A.M.” just to name a few), but this time he went full-blown with the concept. It’s an album that most people have torn apart for being boring and uninspired, but I’m a huge Eminem fan, and I’m here to say I love this fucking album.

Every track has replay ability and they are LOADED with puns, metaphors, analogies, etc. It can almost be a chore to fully decipher and understand a single verse (which, in my opinion, is why most people seem to dislike it. It requires work since every sentence doesn’t rhyme the same word or sound over and over). It required a different level of listening to appreciate, one that requires you to be present – which is something a lot of people aren’t nowadays. A lot of people use music as a background to pass time with what they do, but others (like me) use it as a healing device and a way to tell stories and interpret one’s perception of life.

For that, I have to rank this as one of my favorite Eminem albums ever. He’s angry and passionate, and he feels the need to prove his abilities album after album. And this one he doesn’t hold back. He covers many varying topics including (as usual) his relationship to his parents and recent romantic relationships, he takes stabs at popular rap, gives shout outs to his faithful followers, and just has an ability to tell stories in a poetic form that, honestly, most people can’t seem to do. And you can tell he’s having fun while doing this!

I found this album to be very easy to replay and it’s hard to find one track I like the most. But for the sake of an article, I’m going to suggest “Godzilla” as the one song that is a summary of the energy of the entire album in one single track.

If you haven’t checked the album out for yourself yet then I implore you to do so. But if you’re one of those people who have shit on it since its release, I encourage you to give it another try now that it’s not the talk of the town and form your own opinion on it.

Love it or hate it, you can’t change my mind on it. I’m proud to be a Stan.

‘Til Next Time, Mike Cleopatra

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