Eraserhead(1977)(Review)[Weirdo Wednesdays]

It seems like every year, I encounter a small handful of films that I can honestly say changed my life. They just soak in under the flesh and, to use a word sparingly, haunt my thoughts. In the year 2020, the three that have impacted my life the strongest are undeniably Bong Joon-Ho’s ‘Parasite’, & David Lynch’s ‘Elephant Man’ & ‘Eraserhead’.

The lore I had always heard about this movie is that it is weird beyond words. That it is nonsense personified as art and that it makes you feel dirty. And to be honest, I want to fight everyone who has ever told me that, because that makes it sound like a “triple-dog dare” kind of film, and this is far from that. I believe this film simply went over the head of a large majority of people. It’s meant to be mostly felt, not logically deciphered… and this movie hit me on an extreme level.

I felt this one all the way to my core. This film, to me, is David’s anxieties personified – not random for the sake of being random. It’s an honest to God expression of a fear that this man was holding onto as he got older. It has some bizarre imagery – absolutely, but that’s just to highlight the indescribable emotions associated with the material.

It almost seems sacrilegious to try and explain this film beyond that, so I won’t go any further. But if you’ve heard of this film, I encourage you to watch it and see what it’s all about. It undeniably changed my life.


‘Eraserhead’ is available for streaming on The Criterion Channel.

‘Til Next Time, Mike Cleopatra

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