Extremity(Review)(Happy Halloween #8)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

here is an old adage that goes "There is nothing to fear but fear itself." Extremity is all about facing your fears to the point of becoming the fear. I can tell you this is very tense thrill ride of a movie.

The movie is about an emotionally unstable woman named Allison who decides the best way to heal herself is to expose herself to an extreme haunt. Sounds good in theory. However as we discover, it ends up not being the best idea for her to do. You ever cut yourself, and been told by your parents to not pick the scab, just let it heal, yet you pick the scab anyway and let it bleed again? The same concept applies here, except it is more so on the mental end. Letting it bleed again ends up being bad for everyone involved.

For those unfamiliar with extreme haunts, it is concept where you sign a waiver to allow the participants do whatever they want, and it's all for the adrenaline rush of being scared. There's usually a safeword so once you reach your limit, you are allowed to go free and return home. In Extremity, that is never established. Even when Allison has clearly reached her limit, they just keep going and going, and we shouldn't be surprised at all with the end result of that ordeal.

Other than the lack of a safeword, there are some other issues with this movie. Like, you would think they would have a security guard on hand in case things go wrong. There are these Japanese reporters documenting Allison's experience, but they are allowed to sneak around and see things they shouldn't be seeing. Plus you think they would want some form of protection for the reporters. The other thing is...they go through a lot of build up to show how threating the haunt actors can be with some pretty awesome masks and modulated voices to conceal their identity. Only to have them unmask themselves and show themselves as just regular joes, so it takes the whole fear concept out the window. Then again by this point, they make the dumb decision of using psychological warfare to try to help Allison, except as mentioned with no safeword in place, they take it too far, and it backfires big time with a pretty gory and shocking ending.

Despite all that, this is pretty decent horror film to watch. You can find Extremity on Shudder. If you have already seen this movie, feel free to leave your thoughts below!!

Till next time, Happy Halloween and stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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