Ghost Ship(Review)[Twisted Terrible Thursday]

Tonight, we will spot light a terrible movie known as Ghost Ship. This movie is known for the most awesome opening scene for a horror movie ever, but then it just goes downhill from there. This movie could have had so much potential. Could have had being the keywords here folks

The movie opens with everyone enjoying a night on a passenger liner while being serenaded by a lounge singer known as Francesca. People are dancing as she sings. A little girl is bored out of her until she is offered a dance by the ship's captain. Meanwhile, a lever is pulled which ends up unravels a thin wire from a spool. It suddenly snaps and whips across the dance floor. When the wire is shown again, it is dripping with blood. We then watch as everyone who was dancing literally splits apart. They all fall to the ground, some still alive and reaching for the rest of their body. The only survivor is the little girl who was too short to be affected by the wire. She watches in horror as the captain she was dancing with falls apart. She screams as the scene fades to black.

We are then introduced to a salvage team, who end up celebrating another successful salvage at the local bar. They are approached a mysterious man who introduces himself as Jack Ferriman. This will become important later but for the rest of the review I will just call him Mysterious Stranger. Anyway he gives them a tip of a missing ship that he found. He offers them a chance to salvage it, the only catch is they have to bring him along. In fact, he is pretty insistent on it. They finally relent, even offering him a cut of the money they will get for salvaging it

So our happy crew are off to find the ship, which they do by literally ramming into it. They begin to explore it, as they do, one of the guys falls through the floor, almost falling to the room below. The woman who is with them catches him before he falls, and she sees her first glimpse of Spooky Ghost Girl.

Back on their ship, they try to decide how to best get the ship to port, but that won't be so easy as the ship is slowly sinking due to a hole in the hull. They decide to board the ship again which ends up being the passenger liner from the beginning of the movie. They start exploring again to survey the damage, and as they do, this time some supernatural events start happening. The main women find an empty swimming pool that contains bullet casings and bullet holes in it walls. She also encounters Spooky Ghost Girl again, who causes her to fall back into the empty pool, hitting her head. Mysterious Stranger comes and helps her out. As they are leaving, blood starts pouring out of the bullet holes, filling the pool up with blood

The woman and Mysterious Stranger found some other strange things, such as a laundry room full of dead bodies, and eventually stumble onto a room full of wooden crates. They open one of the crates to discover rats!!! Ahhhhh!! But the rats were actually protecting bars of gold. They run to tell the rest of the crew what they found. The crew all convene in the room, and discover more crates full of gold. They debate calling the Coast Guard, but since they decide they are entitled to whatever they find, and the gold is unmarked, they decide to bring the gold back with them.

They go back to their ship to make off with their ill-gotten gains, and just as the ship starts up, it explodes into a ball of fire. Fortunately there was only one of the crew on it at the time. Now the rest of the crew is stuck on the passenger liner. Out of options, they decide to see if they can repair the ship.

Token black dude is exploring what used to be a ballroom, before it inexplicably starts restoring itself, and he finds himself back in the past. Francesca, the singer from earlier, is there with him, and she decides to seduce him. He follows her, and just when he thinks he is about to get laid, she tricks him into falling down an elevator shaft instead. Oof, talk about a sucky way to die.

The woman finds a room where a little girl seemed to be living, and finds her body there as well. Spooky Ghost Girl appears again and cryptically tells her how she and the crew from the past are still stuck there, that He won't let them leave and He doesn't want her talking to the woman. Meanwhile the leader of the salvage crew is having drinks with the ghost of the ship's captain. He tells him how the crates of gold were originally retrieved from a sinking cruise ship which contained only a sole survivor. The ghost shows him a photo which the leader is shocked as he recognizes the man in the photo. He runs to tell his crew, however he starts hallucinating that the man who was burned earlier is out to get him. The rest of his crew think he is drunk, and lock him into sealed aquarium.

The main woman goes off again and runs into Spooky Ghost Girl again who shows her what happened to the people on the passenger liner. We already knew about the wire which split people in half, but there was shown scenes of the kitchen staff poisoning soup with rat poison, people being stabbed, people being shot, just all kinds of madness is transpiring. We are shown a scene where people discover the crates of gold, but they are all shot. Francesca shows up, and she is approached by a man who kisses her. Suddenly like a scene out of Hellraiser, a giant hook unravels, hooks her right in the face, and as her lifeless body swings back and forth, the man grabs her hand and marks her. He turns to face the camera and its the Mysterious Stranger!!!

Okay, so are you ready for this. As the rest of the scenes unfold into a confrontation between the Mysterious Stranger and the main woman, he explains that he is a collector of souls, and how responsible for ferrying said souls to Hell. Which was literally foreshadowed by his fricken name. Ferriman..get it?? So he is like this demonic spirit who wants to collect all the souls as if he is in a demonic version of Pokemon, and if successfully delivers them, then it will make management happy. The only catch he can only collect souls of those who sinned. The main woman decides to rig explosives to stop him however, and he offers to spare her life if she doesn't interfere in his business. But she triggers the explosives anyway, blowing him straight to Hell. Supposedly.

We are then shown a scene of the main woman swimming up as all the souls are released to pass into heaven. Even the spirit of the little girl is there, smiling her creepy little smile, before vanishing. I hope you aren't lactose intolerant as that is how cheesy the whole thing is.

The movie ends with the woman being loaded onto an ambulance, and she is, she sees a crew loading the boxes full of gold onto another ship. A man follows behind them and reveals himself as the Mysterious Stranger!! He is still alive and I guess management wasn't too disappointed in him not fulfilling his quota

Like I said earlier, this movie could have had so much potential if it didn't turn out to be so horrible. It ended up being more silly than scary with everyone's making poor decisions, even when the truth is staring them right into the face. Even the supposed twist in the end you can see coming a mile away. I mean, Ferriman?? Was they even trying? The only good part of the movie was the gruesome opening. Everything else after will leave you bored to tears

Till next time, stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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