Gremlins Original Soundtrack Review{Musical Monday]

You all knew this was coming right? It's the Horrordays, Gothmas is around the bend, so of course I have to discuss the soundtrack to the greatest Horrorday film ever. Gremlins continues to be an important movie this time of year, and the soundtrack is just as memorable as the movie itself. Crafted by the maestro Jerry Goldsmith, it matches the whimsical and cutesy terrifying charm of the movie. Full of songs that will get stuck in your head to make you dance around or recall the scenes just from the motifs alone.

Something that I enjoy as a holiday tradition every year and it never gets old. I still get a smile on my face hearing the Gizmo theme or the more famous Gremlins Rag. Speaking of that, you can listen to the Gremlins Rag below, which is the best Gothmas song ever hands down.

Definitely give this one a moment of your time during the Horrorday season, and if you do happen to get a mysterious Mogwai as a present just bright lights, don't get it wet, and never feed it after midnight.

Till next time, stay safe and Happy Horrordays!! -Tha Thrilla-

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