My wife and I went and seen the heavily awaited new "Halloween" movie last night in Theatres. I was excited to get a chance to not only watch the movie but give my input on its review and my personal scoring.

To start off, I am a huge Halloween fan. Michael Myers has and still remains my personal favorite "Slasher" character of the horror genre. With that being said though I have been disappointed in the last few movies made In this amazing franchise. I felt they did not live up to the expectancy of the fans and followers and that they were watered down and just slapped together as many movies are these days just to make quick money. I am not a supporter of that. I do feel though that both the remakes done by Musician and Director Rob Zombie were amazing and personally I was a huge fan.

Now back to the review of this specific film. The movie kept a very vague storyline which is one of the traits of all the Halloween movies over the years. Doesn't give an in depth look of why he committed the crimes he has, why there is so much evil inside of him or much of anything else for that matter. Some like this way of directing as it leave much for the imagination. Others would like more backstory. I think it can work well both ways depending on how it is portrayed.

I was very happy to see Michael and Laurie reunite on this film and where they would take it. I liked how they showed how much the traumatic experiences of the past have effected her personal life and how troubled she is from it all. It gives a good scope on the unseen damage someone faces after a horrific past like the one she faced. I liked how Michael got straight into the action and murders and the intensity and anger behind them. I think they did well on that aspect for this project.

So for my overall ranking on a 1-10 scale I would weight the new "Halloween" movie at a 7.5. I feel that even though Carpenter keeps the story line vague he should of went a little more in depth on this one and gave us a little more of the puzzle instead of keeping it so bleak. I feel there could of been a few more inventive style murders and overall horror aspects to the film. I didn't feel that the movie was scary but was well put together. There were a few short comings but definitely the best of the Halloween movies in this Franchise that I have seen In years aside from previously mentioned Rob Zombie remakes.

Hope you guys enjoyed the quick run down and input on the movie. Feel free to leave your thoughts of the movie or comments below. Much love.

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