Halloween III: Season of the Witch Soundtrack Review[Musical Monday]

John Carpenter celebrated his 72nd birthday, and being that he is one of my top composers, I thought it be fitting to discuss on one of his soundtracks, that being the Halloween 3 OST.

It is no secret, despite popular opinion, that Halloween 3 is one of my favorite Carpenter films as well as my top favorite in the Halloween franchise. The music just adds to the ambiance that the movie is introducing the audience to. Carpenter is the master of synth, and this soundtrack definitely portrays that.

Some of the standout tracks are "Main Title", "Halloween Montage(aka "Silver Shamrock Theme)", "I Really Love This", "A Pleasure Doing Business", and "Stonehenge"

Definitely worth checking out and adding to your collection for any horror fan as well as the those who follow Carpenter's work. And being he is one of my favorites, you can expect more reviews of his compositions to come in the future.

Till next time, stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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