Happy Death Day(2019)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

This is an interesting slasher film(which got an unnecessary sequel, but more on that later)which I went into expecting the same tropes, which yes this movie had, but it did try to do something different with it. I liked this movie more than I thought, it was unique with what it did. So the premise is this girl is stuck in a Groundhog Day style scenario where she dies but end ups back to repeating the same day. But unlike Bill Murray, the only way she can break the loop is by figuring out who her killer is.

Until then, she left repeatedly dying and repeating the same day again. It is definitely interesting once she figures out that since everything just resets itself, she pretty adopts this not giving a damn attitude. With it being a slasher film, of course it has the red herrings, the masked killer, and all leading up to the twist at the end. I really thought how the film presented the different ways the loops can be manipulated, even though it began the same, and different ways of her dying were really unique. She was like literally a God in this repeating world, for example there was a scene where she had a chance to escape the loop, but she decided she couldn't for reasons. So she decided to keep the loop going to for her next attempt.

As I mentioned, this film got a sequel which I thought it was not needed for two reasons. First, it gave an explanation as to how the loop got started in the first place, which we really didnt need. Secondly, it just did way too much. The sequel had an after credits which hopefully doesnt lead to a third movie, but we know how Hollywood likes to beat a dead horse, especially when it comes to slasher films, so who knows.

But as far as the first film, I highly recommend checking out Happy Death Day! And if you have seen it, definitely feel free to let us know your thoughts below!

Till next time, stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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