Housewife(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

Makes no bones about it, Housewife is a movie that delves in themes of cosmic horror and making you question the reality of its universe. Even after this movie was over, I was still left puzzling out what it was trying to say. And that answer might require another viewing or two just to figure it out its puzzle

The movie is about a woman who dealt with a terrible tragedy growing up, and she is still haunted by it even with the fact she is married and trying to build a family of her own. One day, she is introduced to this cult known as Umbrella of Love and Mind, and her life unravels as they take her on a journey beyond anything she ever imagined

Those crazy cults right?? Always involved in some kind of cosmic horror, and you can say this is very Lovecraftian in nature as it blurs the lines between what is real, and what is being imagined. The movie starts off simple enough, until we meet the ULM cult and their enigmatic leader. From there, it's just stops any pretense of retaining any sanity. It leads you through the twists and turns until its climax, and once you get there, you get the full brunt of its crazy pants ending. I mean, woof. And it still never answers the question if any of this is really happening

I definitely recommend checking this out, just be prepared to not understand anything that is going on when you first see it. It's enjoyable to watch and it has a slow start, but once it really get going, you are in for a wild ride. I would say its worth watching for the ending scenes alone because damn, they are really something. And if you have seen this, feel free to leave your thoughts below!

Till next time, stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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