I See You (Review) [Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

This movie was surprisingly good, as it starts out as something, but then becomes something else entirely. Everything is tied together and by the end, you learn just how all the threads are all entangled together. It was definitely not what I expected at all.

So the premise is out a small boy who is kidnapped, and a detective is investigating to find out who is responsible. As he does so, he and family start to experience strange happenings around their house. Stuff randomly disappears, a repairman is let in the house with no one being aware, and the detective is locked in a closet without notice. The family suspects it is the teenage son acting out of resentment due to the mother having an affair. However, the truth of what is happening is much stranger than all that, especially when it gets to the point of there being a reason why everything is happening and why the family is being targeted. You will spend the movie wondering what family is experiencing has to do with the boy's disappearance. On the surface, the two events seem unrelated. But as the movie goes deeper, you will find the connections go further than what you would assume

This is more of a psychological horror, and it really messes with your head as it goes on. Everything that family experiences, there is a reason behind why it is happening. Essentially it is the direct result of something harmless being taken too far. There are a lot of grey lines. But as things escalate more and more, and even though things get out of hand, the ending shows you exactly why everything transpired the way it did. I was enjoying the movie through out as I was trying to anticipate what was going to happen, but the ending sold me, and with that new perspective, a second viewing is definitely warranted.

Very much recommend checking out I See You if you haven't already. It was a different kind of psychological horror, and like me, you may learn something new from it. It is currently available to watch on Amazon Prime for free. If you have seen this film, feel free to leave your thoughts below!

Till next time, stay safe and stay scared!!

Auther - Tha Thrilla

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