Ice Nine Kills - Silver Scream(Review)[Musical Monday)

Ice Nine Kills is a band with their own unique approach. They play contemporary metalcore but infuse it with the complete essence of theater and nerdiness – theatricore, if you will. They have put out 5 studio albums, with the last 2 being what brought me into their fandom.

Their previous effort was an album titled “Every Trick In The Book” with the premise being that every song was based on a work of literature. They covered things from Carrie and Dracula, to The Exorcist and Animal Farm. Their music videos infuse the elements of the books with an audio tone that fits accordingly.

Their most recent album, “The Silver Scream”, is the same approach but based on popular horror films. They covered such films as Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Jaws, and The Crow just to name a few. And each music video – like the past release – is filled with nerdy references and an atmosphere that oozes with love for the craft. And their live show is just as much fun involving costumes and actors.

The music itself is a great blend of heavy metalcore breakdowns and bouncy, catchy melodies. And their vocalist Spencer has an impressive range including guttural screams and a beautifully haunting singing range.

This band has easily become one of my favorites over the last year (with me seeing them twice), and they are a band I can’t recommend enough.

My favorite track from their last album has to be “Stabbing in the Dark”, which is the one based on Halloween. The music video itself is about 9 minutes long because it has a story, but the music itself begins at 3:17.

‘Til Next Time, Mike Cleopatra

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