Infested(2002)(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

Today we will be discussing a low budget horror film known as Infested. Released in 2002, it is a movie about killer flies that invade their victims and turn them into zombies. It stars Amy Jo Johnson in a lead role and also features Zach Galligan. It's not the greatest horror but it is entertaining enough.

The killer bugs are rendered into a CGI mess, but there are pretty gory scenes in the movie, which is what helps make it watchable. The plot is pretty basic and nothing is left to the imagination. Then we get the Scooby-Doo-esque ending where a person is thought dead, but they are really not dead, and they end up being the mastermind all along.

If you are curious enough, I would say there is no harm in checking it out, especially if you are like me and a big fan of Amy Jo Johnson from watching Power Rangers. That may or may not be the only reason I was originally enticed to watch this film.

Till next time, stay scared -Tha Thrilla

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