Inside(2007)(Review)(Horrible Holidays Edition)[Foreign Fridays]

Inside (AKA A L’interieur) is a brutal home invasion thriller based out of France during the Extremity days. It was released on Dimension Extreme back when that was a label, and it’s a film I’ve had in my collection since high school. It’s been about ten years so I was due for a revisit.

A pregnant widow is trying to spend the last night before she is due to have peace and quiet – it’s Christmas Eve and she hardly wants to spend time with her mother whom she’s expecting. But there’s a mysterious woman knocking on the door late at night… and she also appears outside her screen door to her yard… and she won’t go away.

This is probably the most intense Christmas movie I’ve ever seen. It is disgusting and brutal and it doesn’t let up. Cops are called and animals are killed, and absolutely nothing is sacred. The intentions behind this mysterious killer send chills down your spine when they are revealed. The blood pours and does not let up. The color scheme of the film begins with a lot of whites and reds and ends with a bunch of green and blacks; taking us on a holiday ride that starts clean and violent and ends decaying and rotten.

This is one film that will make you wish you aren’t alone on Christmas. It is borderline offensive. Featuring one of the gnarliest headshots ever on film and the face of a killer whose haunted my subconscious memories for over a decade, this is an absolute gem that emerged from the French Extremity movement.

There was an English remake that came out a few years ago, but I have only heard awful things about it. You can often find it at your local Dollar Tree if you're interested, but the French version is where it's at. But don't say i didn't warn you.


‘Til Next Time, Mike Cleopatra

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