It Chapter 2(Review)(Killer Clown #2)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

One thing I will say is Chapter 2 will not scare you, but it will damn sure entertain you, especially in its goofier segments. Sometimes the humor works, other times, it can deflate a potential scare, such as when you watching an encounter with one of IT's forms, and all of a sudden "Angel in the Morning" by Juice Newton blares out of nowhere.

It Chapter 2 continues the trend with being more faithful to the novel, albeit with some minor changes, for example, how the Losers are shown the origin of IT. There is a powerful turtle being that is essential to the key of defeating IT in the novel, but we only get an easter egg relating to him in the movie. There are other scenes from the novel that get expanded on to be even more terrifying, such as the fortune cookie scene, and the scene when adult Beverly goes back to her childhood home, only to a find a very odd kindly woman by the name of Mrs Kersh is residing there. And the terror works, don't get me wrong, it just won't scare you. It may disturb you however.

Bill Skarsgard once again portrays the titular clown known as Pennywise with gleeful abandon. You can tell he enjoyed the heck out of the role. For reasons unknown, they decided to make Pennywise more of a comic relief this time around, maybe because of complaints of how scary he looked. He is still monstrous, just more silly this time around. The adult characters of the Losers were all well portrayed, especially Bill Hader as Richie Tozier. He is the one that kind of gets a spotlight this time around, other than James McAvoy as Bill Denbrough. I am not sure if this occurred to everyone else, but I was left wondering why the adult Ben Hanscomb looked like Dr Strange and the adult Eddie Kaspbrak resembled Steve Carrell.The adult characters were portrayed true to their characters in the book, and the flashbacks were handled well. There was one small change to one of the Loser's sexuality, but it wasn't anything that really detracted from the character in my opinion.

The Final Confrontation between the Losers and IT was my favorite sequence in the whole movie. Everyone who has read Stephen King knows that happens in that scene, and they remained true to that, except with some small twists here and there. During the final moments, there is a moment that references a very popular movie that also featured a shape shifting monster, which I totally enjoyed. All I can say is keep an eye out for it. The defeat of IT was also true to how they did it in the book more or less. When it comes to the end, you will not have a dry eye by the time you leave.

If you liked the IT Chapter 1, Stephen King, or the original novel, I highly recommend seeing the movie. Also, keep your eye out for a super secret cameo. I can say this movie met my expectations and is my top favorite horror film of 2019. If you have seen the movie? What are your thoughts? Do you think it was more faithful to the material in the novel? Did you enjoy the certain callbacks to the original TV series(which there are many if you know where to look for them)? Who do you think was the better Pennywise, and why? Feel free to share your thoughts below!!

Till next time, stay scared -Tha Thrilla-

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