It Comes At Night(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

This is a film I feel could have more potential if it wasn't so confusing. Even well after the film ended, I was still trying to puzzle out what exactly was going on. There is so much going on that at times you really don't emphasize with the characters as you really don't understand what is happening or why. And that's where I feel the film fails at most

So the premise is there is this mysterious outbreak that has killed off most of society. Our story centers on a family that has barricaded themselves indoors in an attempt to avoid getting infected, but one day, an outside force invades their home. As they battle to keep the dangers of the outside world, inevitably they find themselves in danger from the inside. So in a way, it reminds me of The Thing, where people may not be who they seem, and not knowing who to trust, especially with the fact that anyone can be infected.

The movie does well to build up the paranoia and distrust of the characters. The father is pretty much a shoot first ask questions later as he will do anything to avoid his family or himself from being infected. Yet one thing we aren't really shown, and it's not really elaborated on, is how is the sickness spread? It seems it could be airborne or maybe passed on by fluids, we really don't know. Maybe that was the point is that there was no way to beat it as there was so cure, and essentially death was instantaneous upon being infected. So you have this family fighting the inevitable.

I guess where the confusion bit for me is that all of this is thrust upon you with no explanation, more so its like this is what happened, this is what is happening, and then they lead into the characters being locked in the same house paranoia situation. There is a scene where they go out with their dog, and the dog end up chasing an unseen presence, and the dog ends up coming back infected somehow. That was a scene that was hard to understand what was happening and why. And the ending really doesn't tie anything into a neat little bow either. The way it ended just made the rest of the movie entirely pointless.

So I would say, with it being on Netflix, sure it is worth checking out if you are curious, but it definitely is not the most thrilling watch, and more than apt to leave you confused more than anything. Not something I would re-watch

If you seen It Comes At Night, let me know your thoughts. Feel free to weigh in below!

Till next time, stay scared! -Tha Thrilla-

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