It Follows(2014)(Review)[Weirdo Wednesdays)

After a sexual encounter one evening, a young woman named Jay is being followed by an unknown supernatural force. However, the details of what’s happening are terrifying to set the tone.

Immediately after the encounter she is gagged and rendered unconscious. She wakes up tied to a wheelchair by the man she just slept with. He directs her vision to a direction and tells her to watch carefully. Here we see a naked person slowly walking towards the building. He then explains to her how this thing is now going to follow her – after he gave it to her – and that she must constantly be on the run to escape it – or simply pass it on to another victim.

The appearance of the entity constantly changes forms, sometimes being a regular woman to sometimes being a very tall man (and sometimes pretending to be someone she knows), and it makes it hard to tell who is who. Only she can see it however, so it’s hard for her to convince her friends and family that she is in real danger.

As the story unfolds we watch as they try to piece together the mystery and how (if possible) to stop it.

A clear allegory for an STD, (as well as the contagious evil we fear), this film does a lot of things right. The atmosphere is dreadful, the filming direction is clean and precise, and the music is a combination of nostalgic and energetic – being very reminiscent of early John Carpenter scores. It has a good share of jump scares and otherwise unsettling images.

For example there is one part where Jay is at school and this sickly old woman in a hospital gown is just walking towards her without breaking eye contact. It’s very effective at eliciting terror in such a simply method. And this film embraces this approach to horror quite often. It’s a lot of fun and it has some rather graphic moments, and it’s one that got high praise out of an independent film festival for obvious reasons.


'Til Next Time, Mike Cleopatra

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