Itsy Bitsy(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

This is a film I had high hopes for since it's about a spider, and I love anything dealing with spiders. This film definitely did not disappoint. It is about a mother and her children who just moved so she could take on a client as she is a caretaker. Her new client collects ancient artifacts and has recently acquired an artifact that unbeknownst to him contains a spider that was worshipped as a diety. Said spider escapes, and proceeds to terrorize the mother and her children.

However, the spider is not the only evil they must contend with. There are other evils such as the mother being an addict, so she and her children must deal with her facing her demons of that addiction. Which is partly why they moved. It was supposed to be a fresh start in a way, but she finds herself unable to escape the past.

I love the fact the spider was all done with practical effects, so you see her in all her creepy detail. If spiders scare you or creep you out, this is not the movie for you as I would describe this as Arachophobia on steroids. They even try to show you things from the spider's point of view. The ending is nail biting, and there is even a post credits scene which shows you the fate of the spider and her legacy

I definitely recommend watching this if you aren't one to be creeped out by spiders. If you have seen Itsy Bitsy, feel free to leave your thoughts below

Till next time, stay safe and stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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