jack Frost 2: The Revenge of the Killer Snowman(Review)[Twisted Terrible Thursday]

Last year, I subjected everyone to Jack Frost, a horrible movie about a killer snowman, so why not subject you to the sequel Jack Frost 2: The Revenge of the Killer Snowman. I have no idea why there was a sequel made except to just torture us even more.

So this follows the sheriff from the first movie who is traumatized by the events of the first movie. He is in a therapy session and he gives a recap as what happened to him and how he defeated Jack. His remains contained in antifreeze were buried in an unmarked grave. So of course someone decides to dig him up and experiment on Jack. A cup of coffee is spilled into his tank and that somehow reanimated him, and his liquid form goes down a nearby drain.

Don't even try to put logic into any of that or how Jack finds his way to the remote Caribbean island that the sheriff decides to vacation at. At this island is another colorful cast of characters for Jack to murder, including a very annoying guy who calls himself Captain Fun. So Jack is drifting in the ocean(again don't ask) and comes across two guys who marooned themselves. They are fighting over a carrot in a raft, and of course Jack kills them because every killer snowman needs a carrot.

So somehow Jack takes the form of a carrot?? He comes across a group of three girls, and of course they must die. Their fire is dying so the one girl decides to go find some charcoal. Jack lays a trap for her using charcoal and tries to kill her with icicicles falling from the air, but he is a little rusty. So he says heck with it and kills her with a giant snow anvil instead. God this movie is so dumb. Another girl he kills Mortal Kombat fatality wise by making her call on ice spikes on the ground. The last girl he kills using a pair of tongs.

The next kill scene happens when a girl is going through a photo shoot, and the photographer tells her she lost the excitement, meaning her nipples aren't showing even though they clearly are poking through her swimsuit. She needs ice, so Jack takes the opportunity to incorporate himself into ice cubes. So we get this scene of her using ice cubes on her breasts and we hear Jack enjoying the process and again it's so dumb. She then takes an ice cube to swish in her mouth and again Jack is enjoying himself way too much, until she bites down and swallows the ice. This makes Jack mad, so he makes her head explode.

The sheriff somehow is able to sense Jack's presence so he partners with a man named Manners who was also in the first film, and in here he comes complete with an eyepatch and his own musical motif. Along with the annoying Captain Fun, they come up with the idea to have a costume party to draw Jack out. It sorta works, but Jack gets away.

That leads to the next scene where a girl decide to skinny dip in a pool so Jack takes the opportunity to join her, but needs to make the water more his temp. He completely freezes the water over, trapping her in. After she drowns, Jack goes to the bar, and freezes everything over.

So the everyone soon finds themselves experiencing a snow storm. The sheriff knows it has to do with Jack, and he is right, as Jack appears, and starts killing party goers using a combination of snow balls and icicles. The sheriff assumes that antifreeze would defeat Jack as that's what did him the first time. So he sets a trap using industrial strength antifreeze.

Jack falls into the antifreeze but it doesn't kill him. Basically what happened is in the first movie, the sheriff's blood mixed into the antifreeze, which is why the sheriff can sense Jack, but this also makes Jack immune to antifreeze. But it does cause him to burp up killer snowballs.

So to add insult to injury, the movie is ripping off Gremlins now complete with a scene where the killer snowballs are partying at a bar. One of the snowballs even has a Mohawk. So as everyone is being killed or terrorized by the killer snowballs( Captain Fun finally bites it, the first victim of the bite sized terrors), they are trying to figure out how to kill Jack.

By complete and utterly accident, they discover his weakness. Wanna guess what that is? Bananas. Yep bananas. As in this movie has been bananas. Apparently the sheriff is allergic to bananas so since the sheriff is a part of Jack, that makes the bananas deadly for Jack.

The next scene we get is sort of like this war montage where everyone is killing off the killer snowballs, and they make it so you almost feel bad for the little buggers. The final survivor limps off to find Jack and he comforts as it dies in his hands. He even sheds a tear before going off to the final confrontation. He traps the sheriff's wife into his body, but the sheriff shoot him with a banana on an arrow. Jack explores into a puddle of strawberries and cream. And of course the wife survives. The movie ends the sheriff carrying his wife into the sunset.

In case you thought that was it, there is a midcredit scene that spoofs Godzilla as giant Jack takes out a Japanese fishing boat with a giant carrot. There is a postcredit scene of people who hid in the freezer during the final scenes and they are still there. So even though you don't actually see it happening, these people actually freeze to death.

With that, this dumb dumb movie is over, and we can thank the heavens that there were no more sequels. If you want to subject yourself to this and kill your brain cells while you are it, then this movie is the one for you. I could think of other better ways to kill your brain though.

Till next time, stay safe and Happy Horrordays!! -Tha Thrilla-

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