John Carpenter's Vampires(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

Speaking in my previous post of films where vampires being portrayed as bloodthirsty killers, John Carpenter's Vampires is the epitome of that type of film. This is definitely in my top 5 favorite Vampire films of all time. It is about a badass vampire hunter named Jack Crow, played by a snarky James Woods, who comes across a powerful master vampire named Valek. Valek is out for blood, not just to feed, but literally thrills in killing people. He is looking for a way to become invulnerable to sunlight and he will take out anyway that stands in his way. Even Crow, as badass as he,barely stands a chance against him.

The scene that really cemented this film is after the opening of the movie. Minor spoilers ahead. Jack and his crew are celebrating after dispatching a coven of vampires. Valek tracks them down to take his revenge and also initiate the plan he has in store for Crow. One of crew opens the door, sees Valek, and is confused for a moment. The vampire takes advantage of his moments of confusion, and uses one of his clawed hands to literally slice the guy in half. Chaos and confusion begins as Valek as an one man army slaughters everyone, as well as turning one of the strippers who was sweet on Crow, into one of his thrall. The whole scene is just brutal.

You learn later on in the film his reasoning for targeting Jack Crow as this all leads into his plan of becoming invulnerable to the sun. Crow finds himself betrayed as Valek represents power and the chance at immortality, and humans are weak to resist that temptation. Crow finds himself struggling with morality when one of his compatriots is bitten. He decides to let him go, saying he is giving him a head start but promising to eventually find him and kill him.

This is gritty and fun movie. Both the human and vampire kills are extreme as heck with human body parts flying and the vamps literally combusting into flames as soon as they are exposed to sunlight. John Carpenter's Vampires got a sequel with a female vampire facing off against a vampire hunter played by Jon Bon Jovi, and it was a good film, but it didn't come close to touching the magic of this film. If you haven't seen Vampires by now, you really need to.

Till next time, Happy Halloween and stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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