John Harrison: Creepshow (1982) Soundtrack Review

My absolutely favorite piece of horror music would have to be the Creepshow soundtrack, as composed by John Harrison. It features a combination of royalty free music and original compositions constructed mostly of synth, strings, and piano.

The main theme is my stand out favorite, for it has piano that lingers in the bass register, synth to add delicacy to it, and then bright strings to compliment the darkness. It’s perfect at setting up an atmosphere, and it’s also pretty damn catchy. A great balance of old school and contemporary, it gives the energy when its needed, helps elevate the scares when they are present, and helps ease the tension during the more sentimental moments.

A fun fact is this was one of his first pieces as a composer. He was originally an assistant director and a screenplay writer. He would go on to do a few more scores, but we will happily get to those ones later.

Favorite track: “Prologue/Welcome to Creepshow”

Runner Up: “Mike Meets Fluffy”

You can stream the entire soundtrack right here :

Til Next Time, Mike Cleopatra

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