Joker(Review)(Halloween #4)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

After finally getting to see this, I would definitely say, yes, this is definitely considering a horror movie, just more so on the psychological aspect. I am a sucker for psychological horror as these types challenge you to look outside of the box, and shows you a different kind of monster. The human variety.

For those familiar with the Joker character from the comics, and are familiar with his mythos, you already know the origin of how Joker came to be is as muddled as the character himself. We already know the monster the Joker has become, going so far to cut off his own face, only to staple the thing back on. But how did he become to be? That is a question with many answers, and the Joker himself is none too helpful in figuring that out.

This film is an origin story of sorts of how Joker possibly came to be. We meet Arthur Fleck, a mentally unstable man. This movie portrays his downward spiral that leads to his transformation into the Joker. The character of Arthur is frightening itself, showing his homicidal and obsessive side. He suffers from a condition that causes him to laugh uncontrollably, and those scenes can be very unsettling.

This a movie that is also scary because of its very accurate portrayal of the ugly side of society. Before this movie was released on theaters, there were so many warnings released of its violent nature, there was this panic it would incite killings, and police were on high alert. Because people were scared due to how close it hit to how society is in these times. How Arthur is mistreated and pretty much ignored is pretty accurate how society reacts to mentally unstable people in real life. We try to act like they don't exist, until they fight back, and when they commit unspeakable acts, we try to find a scapegoat instead of placing the blame that the system that failed them. But I digress

One thing you will notice is how everything is filmed, with no CGI, all practical effects, and filmed in a way to cause you to doubt the truth of what is being shown. There is many theories of what is real and what is not, and that is another great aspect about this movie

Joaquin Phoenix is great as the Joker character, and for me, this is my second favorite portrayal of the Joker of all time. And the score definitely feeds into the layer of dread that permeates the entire movie. For horror fans, and for those who are fans of the comics, I highly recommend checking this out. You hear a lot of talk of this movie breaking records, and a lot of good word about the movie in general, and it is well warranted.

If you seen the movie, what are your thoughts?How did you feel about the story of Joker and what messages did you interpret from it? Feel free to weigh in below!!

Till next time, stay scared!!! -Tha Thrilla-

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