Ju-On AKA The Grudge(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

Since we are getting another remake we never asked for, let us take a look at the original Asian horror, at least the first one that got released anyway, Ju-On aka The Grudge

The movie is actually a series of vignettes about a cursed house. Essentially a man murders his entire family, even the cat is not safe, which all the negative energy creates the curse. The man is consumed by the curse, which just makes it worse. Anyone who dares to live in this house are subjected to the same curse, doomed to die by the same fate as the family.

I am sure the most memorable thing about this movie was the death rattle that is emanated by the ghost of the wife who is known by Kayako. Or maybe you remember the little boy who is always hiding around. Whenever you saw these two, pretty much that meant you were screwed. Kayako had long hair, so there was this hair thing going on too.

The movie ended up getting a sequel, there were two remakes made in America, and now they are doing yet another American remake. I am questioning as to why, as I don't remember the American versions being too stellar, plus there is a lot that gets lost in translation. This happens anytime Asian horror gets remade in America as Hollywood tries to dumb it down for the average person to understand, thinking everything needs explained when it doesn't. The one thing that drew me to Asian horror is that it's not what you see on the screen that scares you, it is what you don't see that scares you. It is more of an atmospheric with a combination of psychological horror, and you can't condense it or dumb it down.

I am ranting, but yeah I more than likely won't see the new remake coming out. I would say just see the original, it is more scary, and even with the language barrier, you will understand enough of what is happening. I thought it was enjoyable, and I am sure you will too!

Till next time, stay scared!!! -Tha Thrilla-

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