Leprechaun 4: In Space{Review)[Twisted Terrible Thursday]

Oh boy folks. It seems when you run out of ideas, the place is to go is space. And in space no one can here you suffer!! This makes Jason X, which puts Jason Voorhees in space seem like a film of notoriety in comparison. Yeah, folks this is bad. Buckle up.

So we start with a troop of Space Marines(Aliens anyone?) who are on a search and destroy mission on a nearby planet to eradicate an alien. However they aren't happy that a female science officer is joining them, working for Dr Mittenhand, who looks like a Great Value version of Mister Clean. We will get back to him later.

Meanwhile on the planet, we see a scantily clad woman who is kept prisoner by the Leprechaun. He tries to unsuccessfully seduce her, but she wants nothing to do with him it seems. He wants them to be King and Queen, as she happens to be a princess(Star Wars anyone?). Oh and you will love the special effects folks, but trust me it only gets worse from here. She rejects his advances until he bribes her with treasure beyond her wildest dreams.

The Marines crash the party just as the Leprechaun and the princess decide to partner up. The Marines aren't the brightest, and one ends up slaughtered by the Leprechaun wielding a green lightsaber(at this point this movie isn't caring to hiding the fact it is ripping off other space movies). The Marines and the Leprechaun start blastin at each other, until they toss a grenade near the fleeing princess, and the Leprechaun sacrifices himself to save her. Hey, he's dead, the movie is over!! Only if. So as the group tends to the princess, one of the lunkheads decides to urinate on the obliterated corpse of the Leprechaun. We see his essence traveled up into the dufus's member. Bad news.

So they transport the princess onto their ship for observation. We are also introduced to a gadget that is able to shrink and expand items(this will be important later. The Marines are celebrating, and the lunkhead who peed on the corpse found himself a lady and is feeling a bit frisky. You can see where this is going. They go to get it on somewhere dark and private, and he gets a little excited, but something is amiss. He screams in pain as his hard on grows larger and larger until he basically births the Leprechaun, who runs off. Not before doing a cheesy Western impression beforehand for some reason.

The Marines and the female science officer start getting chummy, and she and one of the idiots start having romantic tension. It is pretty awkward, almost as awkward as the dancing the other Marines are doing. Meanwhile in the lab where the princess is being kept, the assistant to Dr Mittenhand decides it is a good time to be creepy, sniffing the girls feet and almost groping her. They discover she is able to regenerate her tissue which Dr Mittenhand wants to take advantage of. You see Dr Mittenhand had an unfortunate accident, and this would give him the ability to he fully functional again

The Marines are hunting for the Leprechaun, who is hunting them as well to get back to his princess. Another Marine meets his demise. The rest of them track down Dr Mittenhand to make him release the princess back to the Leprechaun. He refuses. They decide to say heck with all this, and that's when we see Dr Mittenhand in the flesh, who is mostly more machine than man. He offers them a generous bonus to kill the Leprechaun, and if they refuse him, he will make sure they are tried for mutiny. And yes if you notice, they did use the Doom computer game sound effects of the doors opening and closing during this scene.

So now the Marines are on the hunt again. Meanwhile the Leprechaun is walking around am and for some reason monologuing his plans to marry the princess and then kill her so he will have everything. The Marines search for the Leprechaun using the tracker from Aliens. However the Leprechaun is tracking them. They play cat and mouse with each other, until the Leprechaun decides to attack by tricking one of the Marine into a trap right out of a Wile E Coyote cartoon. He tricks another Marine into thinking he has been blasted apart, only to spontaneous regenerate himself and tossing the Marine off the catwalk.

In the lab Dr Mittenhand is about to drink the formula created from the princess when the Leprechaun spoils the party. He kills off the assistant in the most ludicrous way possible(are we in a Tom and Jerry cartoon now?). Afterwards, the Leprechaun wakes up the princess, and then proceeded to blend the formula with a tarantula and a scorpion, and inject it into Dr Mittenhand. The Marines get there too late, and a shootout occurs, with the Leprechaun and the princess getting away into the next room. They follow, and are met by the princess, and as they think they got the Leprechaun cornered, he uses his powers to create a hostage situation. The princess takes this time to show everyone her breasts, monologuing how everyone who gazes at them are doomed, and she promptly leaves, with the Leprechaun and the hostage leading the way

The rest of Marines follow to rescue their colleague, and oh God, I can't even describe the sequence that follows. So when they find him, he is dressed in drag, and he starts a song and dance number. They try to bring him back to his senses, but no luck. Meanwhile we see the results of the Leprechaun little science experiment as Dr Mittenhand discovers he is not entirely human anymore, declaring himself as Mittenspider. Back to the Marines, female science officer decides enough is enough, and kicks the drag soldiers butt. It still isn't enough to bring him to his senses, in fact it seems he has a split personality between his feminine and masculine sides. They finally trick him into electrocuting himself, and they find out he was a cyborg the whole time.

The Leprechaun initiates a self destruct sequence as all space ships have one, don't you know. They go off to find his gold which is somewhere on the ship for some reason. Which when they find it, they discover its been shrunken down. One of the Marines and the science officer find them, and a fire fight ensues. One of the bullets hits the gadget from earlier which causes the Leprechaun to grow to massive size.

The female science officer goes to find the control room, and has to crawl in the ducts to get their. As she makes her way their, she is attacked by Mittenspider, who decides to eat her clothes for some reason. She makes it there, only to be attacked in full by a very hungry Mittenspider. She fights back with liquid nitrogen, freezing him in place, then blowing him to kingdom come.

The remaining Marine finds the princess, and rescues her. They go off into another area, as the airlock opens, which yeets the Leprechaun into deep space. Using horrible special effects, the Leprechaun blows up. The Marine reunites with the science officer and other remaining Marine, and they have to figure out the pass code to stop the self destruct sequence. Right in the nick of time, they figure it out, and the day is saved. The romantic tension comes to a boil as the scantily clad science officer and the Marine suck face. They look outside at the awfully computer generated pieces of the Leprechaun that are floating around. His awfully digitalized over sized hand floats near and gives them all them the finger. And that ends the movie.

This was the worse of the franchise that should have ended before it even got to this point, and you would think this would have been enough to kill the Leprechaun movies for good. But nope, after this, he comes back and they send him to the hood. Which is a whole other terrible mess in itself.

Till next time, stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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