Lights Out(2016)(Review)[Weirdo Wednesday]

‘Lights Out’ is an internet success story. What started as a short video for a YouTube contest has gone on to kick start an entire career for director David F. Sandberg (AKA Ponysmasher), who would go on to direct such films as Annabelle Creation & Shazam!

The short film was simply a woman walking down a hallway in her house, and when she flickers the lights off she can see the silhouette of a woman – or something similar – standing in the shadows. And every time she turns them back on, the figure vanishes. The short is very effective and only about a minute long. Director James Wan (The Conjuring, Insidious, Saw) would tap David to turn it into a full-length, that James would produce under his film company ‘Atomic Monster’.

The full-length is effective at being entirely atmospheric and full of jump scares (the director even jokes that this is basically ‘Jump Scare: The Movie’), but it works for what its trying to do. In order to make it feature length, David had tried to explain the backstory of where this entity came from and what it is, and why it’s haunting a family. In short – someone in the family has invited it in, and the remaining members are the ones who pay the price for its presence.

It’s a fun, successful movie. As I said before, it has a dreadfully great atmosphere, effective jump scares, and great sound design. There's not a whole lot else it has to offer, though.


t’s a good example of what a short film can ultimately lead to, and it also shows the ingenuity that a director can do when given the keys to a studio. It’s a movie you can live without, but you can certainly do worse. If you can find it on Netflix or cheap at a store, I’d say its worth a visit.


‘Til Next Time, Mike Cleopatra

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