Lords of Salem(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

Ever watch those movies that seems like an entire fever dream? This is one of those movies where you question everything. Lords of Salem definitely has Rosemary's Baby vibe throughout, and by the end, you will still not be sure of what you exactly witnessed.

The premise is about a radio DJ who mysterious gifted a record from someone known as the Lords. She plays the record which essentially awakens hell itself. What follows is her struggle against forces beyond her comprehension.

This movie is very weird to watch, but with Rob Zombie being the director, you come to expect that from him. I hope you don't mind nudity, as there's much of that throughout the movie. There are also sequences where you are bombarded with incomprehensible imagery to the point you feel uneasy at times.

Still worth checking out, and it will definitely require multiple viewings to digest the whole movie. Despite that, it will appeal to horror fans old and new. If you seen Lords of Salem, feel free to weigh in below!!

Till next time, stay scared -Tha Thrilla-

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